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Individual Study Semester Based Credit Course List
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Code Course Title Term Description
ANSI 3753IA Basic Nutrition for Pets Fall 2017 Nutrients, nutrient requirements, feeding practices, food sources and diet management for pets and companion animals as well as exotic animals and birds.
ANSI 3903IEW Agricultural Animals of the World Fall 2017 The production and utilization of agricultural animals by human societies.

Individual Study Semester Based Credit Course List
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Code Course Title Description
ANSI 1124B Introduction to the Animal Sciences Species adaptability, product standards and requirements, areas and types of production, processing, and distribution of products, includes meat animals, dairy and poultry.
ANSI 3543E Principles of Animal Nutrition Basic principles of animal nutrition including digestion, absorption, and metabolism of the various food nutrients; characteristics of the nutrients; measure of body needs; ration formulation.
ANSI 3753A Basic Nutrition for Pets Nutrients, nutrient requirements, feeding practices, food sources, and diet management for pets and companion animals, as well as exotic animals and birds.
I ANSI 3903E Agricultural Animals of the World The production and utilization of agricultural animals by human societies.
Code Course Title Description
ENGL 1113J Composition I The fundamentals of expository writing with emphasis on structure, development and style.
ENGL 1213H Composition II Expository composition with emphasis on technique and style through intensive and extensive readings.
DH ENGL 2413D Introduction to Literature Fiction, drama/film, and poetry. Written critical exercises.
D ENGL 2773B Survey of American Literature I The Puritans through the Romantic period.
D ENGL 2883A Survey of American Literature II The Romantic period to the present.
ENGL 3040B Poetry Writing Directed readings and practice in writing poetry with special attention to techniques.
ENGL 3323H Technical Writing Applied writing in areas of specialization. Intensive practice in professional writing modes, styles, research techniques, and editing for specialized audiences and/or publications.
H ENGL 3333B Short Story Origins, development, theory, and craft of the short story.
H ENGL 4723B Shakespeare Major plays and selected criticism.
Code Course Title Description
FLL 3500 Independent Study in a Modern Foreign Language Instruction and/or tutorial work in a modern foreign language other than those offered in a major program.
Code Course Title Description
FPST 2050E Studies in Loss Control: Basic Principles of Automatic Fire Sprinkler Protection Problems in applied fire protection technology, occupational safety, industrial hygiene or hazard materials management of particular interest to the loss control specialist.
FPST 2153D Fire Protection Management Applied human relations, technical knowledge, and skills for achieving optimum effectiveness from a protection organization.
FPST 2483A Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply Analysis Fluid flow through hoses, pipes, pumps, and fire protection appliances. Water supply and distribution analysis using hydraulic calculations. Testing techniques to detect anomalies in design or performance capabilities.
FPST 3013BC Industrial Safety Organization Recognition, evaluation, and control of occupational health and safety hazards. Accident prevention, accident analysis, training techniques, workman compensation insurance, guarding and personal protective equipment.
FPST 3713G Hydraulic Design of Automatic Sprinkler Systems Hydraulic calculation technique for the design and analysis of automatic sprinkler fire extinguishing systems.
FPST 3723E Industrial Fire Pump Installations Applications, design, and analysis of industrial fire pump installations. Graphical analysis of fire pump contributions to existing fire protection water supply systems emphasized.
FPST 3733G Sprinkler System Design for High-Piled and Rack Storage Specific design techniques for sprinkler systems protection of commodities stored in solid piles and racks over 12 feet in height.
FPST 4050.1B Structural Designs for Fire and Life Safety Building construction standards and codes to assign maximum life and property safety from fires, explosions, and natural disaster. Egress design specifications, occupancy and construction classification.
Code Course Title Description
FREN 1115F Elementary French I Main elements of grammar and pronunciation, with emphasis on the four basic skills of listening: comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing.
FREN 1225F Elementary French II Continuation of Elementary French I.
Code Course Title Description
GENT 2650D Advanced Electronic Problems: Fiber Optics Provides practical foundation for technicians needing to understand the basics of fiber optics, including necessary techniques needed to service typical systems.
Code Course Title Description
N GEOG 3033EC Meteorology A non-quantitative introduction to weather. Physical elements that cause and influence weather. Interpretation of weather maps and satellite imagery.
Code Course Title Description
GRMN 1115GC Elementary German I Main elements of grammar and pronunciation, with emphasis on the four basic skills of listening: comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing.
GRMN 1225E Elementary German II Continuation of Elementary German I.
GRMN 3013C German for Reading Requirements I Reading in the humanities and the sciences. Translation from German to English.
GRMN 3023C German for Reading Requirements II Intermediate and advanced reading in the humanities and sciences. Translation from German to English.
Code Course Title Description
HHP 2222A Introduction to Gerontology and Health Concentrated study of selected areas of health and human performance, including problems in instruction and administration not usually addressed in the undergraduate curriculum.
Code Course Title Description
HIST 1103E Survey of American History Meaning, vitality, and uniqueness of United States history since 1492 through a thematic examination of the nation
HIST 1483B American History to 1865 From European background through Civil War.
HIST 1493D American History Since 1865 Development of the United States including the growth of industry and its impact on society and foreign affairs.
HIST 2323A Oklahoma History Early exploration and establishment of Indian Territory; the rise and demise of the Five Indian Nations; and the organization and development of 46th state to the present.
Code Course Title Description
HORT 1003 Home Horticulture An introduction to horticulture practices for the home gardener. Planning and care of home grounds, orchards, and vegetable gardens, and the selection and use of indoor plants.
Code Course Title Description
MATH 2103A Elementary Calculus An introduction to differential and integral calculus.
MATH 3013B Linear Algebra Algebra and geometry of finite-dimensional linear spaces, linear transformations, algebra of matrices, eigenvalues, and eigenvectors. This course is not available for graduate credit.
Code Course Title Description
POLS 1113G American Government Organization, processes, and functions of the national government of the United States.
Code Course Title Description
S PSYC 1113EC Introductory Psychology Principles, theories, vocabulary, and applications of the science of psychology.
Code Course Title Description
A STAT 2023GW Elementary Statistics for Business and Economics Descriptive statistics, basic probability, discrete and continuous distributions, point and interval estimation, hypothesis testing, correlation, and simple linear regression.
STAT 3013W Intermediate Statistical Analysis Applications of elementary statistics, introduction to experimental design, introduction to the analysis variance, simple and multiple linear regression, nonparametric statistics, survey sampling, time series, and Bayesian analysis.
STAT 4033A Engineering Statistics Introduction to probability, random variables, probability distributions, estimation, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, and linear regression.

Education Codes: A=Analytical   D=Diversity   H=Humanities   I=International   L=Scientific Investigation   N=Natural Resources   S=Social And Behavioral