Doel Reed Center for the Arts
In TAOS, New Mexico
May 15-26 DHM 4810 and ENGL 5560/4530
July 10-21 Art 2803 and Art 4800
To enroll call (405) 744-6390

Correspondence Is Moving
The OSU Correspondence office is moving to 317 PIO in early June. This is located on Monroe street south of Human Sciences and west of Math Sciences. We will be closed May 31st, Noon until 8:00 a.m. June 5th.

Correspondence Education for Inmates
A convicted felon told his story about OSU’s CE Department (State Magazine Article)

Welcome to Oklahoma State University’s Correspondence Education, a program "without walls." Our goal is to make available information and knowledge applications, but also to involve participants in a flexible learning experience. Our mission is to provide independent study opportunities to learners whose work, family responsibility, physical isolation, or closed course sections may preclude participation in regularly scheduled class meetings.

There is no question that communication allowing the exchange of information and interaction among people separated by time and distance, but connected electronically, is the future of higher education. We are excited to continue to offer you more choices in accessing the quality education that Oklahoma State University provides. New modes of teaching and learning are more prevalent now than ever. We are committed to assisting you in the attainment of your educational goals.

Our Partners

Focused on providing students the most affordable and effective legal education possible. The curriculum is delivered to students in live lecture, online, DVD and Text-only formats through over 1000 colleges and universities nationwide to provide students with the flexibility necessary to achieve their academic goals while continuing with their everday lives.

Quality Healthcare Education - These courses are highly interactive and provide students with an enriched learning experience. Each course was developed to ensure that students gain the necessary skills to excel in a professional healthcare environment. Additionally, these programs include access to an online community with interactive content and robust student services.