Student Desks Used For Exams

Testing Center

The Correspondence Education Testing office serves a large number of students each year. The office is the proctored testing location for students who are currently enrolled in courses with the Correspondence Education office, either year-long or semester-based. It also serves as a proctor for students taking courses through OSU Arts & Sciences, Business, and Engineering Outreach offices, as well as supplying a dedicated examination site for local students enrolled in distance courses with other institutions. Some features of the CE facility include:

  • A print-based testing area that can accommodate 18 students.
  • A computer-based testing area that can accommodate 12 students. Appointments are necessary for the computer stations and are scheduled in the CE computer database starting at 8 A.M. and ending at 5 P.M. daily. We now have a new online exam reservation system which requires an OSU OKey login. Students that require disablity services should call our office and should not use the online system. You may also call (405)744-6390 or visit the CE office to make an appointment.
  • Hours of operation from Monday – Friday, 8 A.M. to 5 P.M., including the lunch hour, any day that OSU is open.
  • If you are an instructor and want to offer an exam through the Outreach Testing Center then please mail or fax us this form: Exam Cover Sheet PDF
Computer Desk Used For Exams