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continuing education course list
Course Title Description
ICS 0790A Review & Evaluation of Automatic Sprinkler Plans & Designs The objective of this course is to develop basic skills in sprinkler plan review.
ICS 2050E Basic Principles of Automatic fire Sprinkler Protection Problems in applied fire protection technology, occupational safety, industrial hygiene, and hazardous materials management of particular interest to the loss control specialist.
ICS 2153D Fire Protection Management Applied human relations, technical knowledge, and skills for achieving optimum effectiveness from a protection organization.
ICS 2483A Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply Analysis Fluid flow through hoses, pipes, pumps, and fire protection appliances. Water supply and distribution analysis using hydraulic calculations. Testing techniques to anomalies in design or performance capabilities.
ICS 3013BC Industrial Safety Organization Recognition, evaluation, and control of occupational health and safety hazards. Accident prevention, accident analysis, training techniques, workman compensation insurance, guarding and personal protective equipment.
ICS 3713G Hydraulic Design of Automatic Sprinkler Systems Course designed to guide students through the different steps in designing and calculating needs for the installation of automatic sprinkler systems in various types of settings.
ICS 3723E Industrial Fire Pump Installations Designed to help fire protection specialists determine under what conditions fire pumps are needed and how to install, maintain, test, and inspect such installations.
ICS 3733G Sprinkler System Design for High-Piled and Rack Storage Course provides instruction and assistance in establishing the proper criteria and specifications for the hydraulic design of automatic sprinkler systems for the protection of high-piled and rack storage.
ICS 4050.1B Structural Designs for Fire and Life Safety Building construction standards and codes to assure maximum life and property safety from fires, explosions, and natural disaster. Egress design specifications, occupancy and construction classifications.

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Receive a certificate from OSU for completing a course from one of our continuing education partners listed below. Included are Paralegal, Pharmacy Technician, and Dental Assistant certificates. For a complete list of courses offered visit our partner's website.

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