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Office of Individual Study

Oklahoma State University

year long enrollment form
Here you can download and print a pdf of our Year Long enrollment form.

DO NOT SEND CREDIT CARD INFORMATION THROUGH EMAIL. Email is not secure and your credit card information may be stolen. If you send an enrollment form with your credit card information through email WE WILL REJECT THE ENROLLMENT.

semester based enrollment form
The following forms are only for admitted OSU students who have already enrolled in the semester based versions of ANSI 3753IA or ANSI 3903IEW though the OSU SIS system. Please note that there are year-long versions of this course that do not require admittance. If you prefer the year-long courses without admittance to OSU then use the forms above. If you still wish to take these courses and are not admitted to OSU then please contact the OSU Admissions Office.

Here you can download and print a pdf of our Semester based enrollment form.